the hoodoo book of flowers: (work in progress)


  my humble attempt at an blackworld holybook, a hoodoo sacred text

an african american way

over a 20 year span of drafts ive tried many formats - biblic, koranic, iching,others - none of them worked much less numinous

ive come to understand there are no models for holybooks, each one intimately tied to its culture

now im trying a divination format - and trying to develop an acompanying hoodoo divination system - an ifa/iching hybrid

i believe this is the draft is the one i will ride, plan to work this project till i die and then some.


beale street talking: the hoodoo tales:a work in progress

a book of hoodoo based shortstories i plan to do after i finish rest for the weary

i dont have another novel in me
hopefully i got shortstories

just rough notes now cause rest for the weary takes it all

but teaching in an mfa program has given me a new respect for shorts, cant wait to try them . .


rootwork the rootsblog: a cyberhoodoo webspace

this time consuming beast began as a promotion tool for mojo rising and took on a life of its own

its become an integral part of my online literary persona as a 21st century literary man

its important to me in spite of neglible readership - a global forum in which i get to say whatever i want to say however i want to say it

dont have to please publishers, editors, gatekeepers or even my public- i say what i damn well please, i like that in a platform .


rest for the weary:
a work in progress

this my big one, this my baby, this one will make my bones

jubilation tucept highjohn is back, a hoodoo sorceror who aspires to prophecy

its a strange narrative lick,so strange i
i cannot judge it

its either a masterpiece or im delusional and just playing with myself - and you too dear reader

each work chooses its own voice - i fought this one for years but it seems the only way this novel will allow itself to be written - im just along for the ride

mojo rising: confessions of a 21st century conjureman

rial run on doing a sacred text
so so success, ima redo it here

im glad it exists but its already dated

i thought i was the last of the bigtime hoodoos, went online to promote mojo rising and found a hoodoo world

not only am i not the last of the big time hoodoo, i got big holes in my training . .

but i am still rickydoc, stumbling wouldbe prophet of the hoodoo way - that counts for something . . .


cleveland lees beale street band

my childrens book, its okay
the kids seem to like it

suppose to be me and george hunt doing this, but george and troll press didnt get along and the replacement artist didnt know beale - she did okay but george would have been magical

thats his work on the cover of mojo rising
he call that one memphis conjureman

still i like the story - when my nephews were little bitty fellows i used to let them perform with me, i would give each an instrument - the others made noise, cleveland made music

the washtub bass player i actually ran across when i played trumpet in the carver high school marching band - the rest speaks for itself




another good loving blues

  love story: between a memphis blues man and an arkansas conjure woman, circa 1900s, old beale street and the miss delta

its okay, i can live with it - its got true believer fans, a little cult novel

but its not the wondrous work i saw in my head - just didnt have the craft like i got it now

its all heart and no head, but i like it

was trying to put the magic back in love and some folk say i did a fair to middling job of it

folk down in houston call me doctor love

de mojo blues: de quest of highjohn de conqueror

ah, my first work, the work of my youth
3 viet vets accused of a fragging and 'bringing the war home

jubilation tucept highjohn: a literary mythriff on highjohn the conqueror

my 1st grade attempt to tell the story of black soldiers in vietnam, cause vietnam blew my young mind

itwas vietnam made me realize history is now, that we living history - and that i had a story to tell . . .


you welcome to get in touch

im open to inquiries from african americans who want to explore contemporary hoodoo (w/understanding that i am not your conventional hoodoo man - if all you interested in is folk magic best go elsewhere)

also open to inquiries from african americans who want help becoming writers - or working on a (worthy) book - or want to become part of a community of writers who believe in the power of the word

also willing to consider folk looking for hoodoo services

but understand im open to inquires but likely to duck you, im chronically overextended, folk coming at me all the time, very few get thru

got to convince me working w/you wont be a waste
of my time - or yours

also sincere apologies to those offended by african american priorities

i do work with other folk but african americans are special to me
i am a leader of my people and i have special responsibilities to them

i was trained in service of the community, both as a delta hoodoo and in the griotic school of african american literature - the line of o killens is a custodial line

and i am at heart just your basic tribal witchdoctor, trying to take care of the tribal soul through my annointed skilz - trying to help the tribe suvive another winter

thats what i do
i am rickydoc